create the year of your dreams? 

What your life would look if you had optimum health, abundance, more fun and more joy in your life? 


The Global Health, Wealth and Happiness Summit is an opportunity to hear and learn from 11 experts in their field. They will be covering topics related to health, prosperity and wealth, spirituality, and relationships. How would it feel to breeze through life with more ease, and having a blast doing it? 

Speakers & Topics 

Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about creating the year of your dreams!

Carol Culver

The Mind Body Connection

Gwen Foster

Top 10 Health Issues Affecting Most People

Anniston Blair Riekstins

Discover Your Life Blueprint and Life Purpose

Cindia Carrere 

Dress To Manifest

Anthony Mikolojeski

Healing Messages from Spirit and God

Deb McBride

Astrocartography - Mapping your astrology

Helen Racz

Logical Law of Attraction 

Mary Lindsey Wilson

Transforming the glitch in your matrix

Beth Vaughan

Mind Mirror: Expand your potential through your mind

Yamini Bhatt

Envision a Transformed You

Dr. Gary A. Martin

Know Your MemGram®

Top experts in their fields are sharing powerful lessons and tips to help you create:

  • Vibrant health 
  • A career or business you dream about 
  • A life filled with passion and purpose 
  • Increased prosperity and wealth 
  • Improved relationships with deeper connections 
  • Freedom, fun, and happiness from being in the flow of life  

Are you ready to make the commitment to yourself and have your best year yet?