How it would feel to be on top of the world?  

What if you could easily create more money, a deeper connection to your partner, increased energy and vitality, and pleasure and fun beyond your dreams? 


The 2nd Annual Global Health, Wealth and Happiness Summit is an opportunity to hear and learn from 13 experts in their field. They will be covering topics related to health, prosperity and wealth, spirituality, and relationships. How would it feel to breeze through life with more ease, and having a blast doing it? 

*This summit ran from March 4-March 15 and has now ended. But... you can still grab all these amazing trainings and free gifts for just $39!!

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Speakers & Topics 

Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about creating the year of your dreams! To learn more about each speaker, please click on their picture.

Cindia Carrere

How Money Programs Can Stop You From Upleveling Your Income

Deb McBride

LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE: A Self Empowered Approach To Your Natal Chart 

Gwen Foster

Happy Hormones

Helen Racz

EFT- Creating Positive Change One Tap at a Time!

Keveney Evanne

Are You Attracting or Repelling Wealth?

Laurence Luye-Tanet

Accelerating Your Results to Live the Life You Truly Love

Mary Wilson

What's Your Story? The story you're telling dictates how you experience life.

Miriam Mills

10 ways to Reduce and Manage Stress

Sue Kulpinski

Break Out of Paralysis and Break Into Your Purpose!

Vicki Sherman

Increasing Your Superpowers with Intuition

Wendy Hutchinson

Change Your Frequency and Change Your Life

Top experts in their fields are sharing powerful lessons and tips to help you create:

  • Increased energy  
  • Vibrant health 
  • A life filled with passion and purpose 
  • Increased prosperity and wealth 
  • Improved relationships and deeper connections 
  • Ease in achieving your goals because you are in the flow of life 
  • More fun, joy and happiness  

Are you ready to make the commitment to yourself and have your best year yet?